JS-30: Using an Iomega Zip Drive with the JS-30

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In order to use an Iomega Zip drive with the JS-30, the JS-30 must be updated
to ROM version 1.03. Use the following procedure to check the ROM version of
the JS-30:

1) Hold DEMO and turn the power on. The version number will scroll across the

NOTE: To exit this mode, turn the power off and then on again.

If your JS-30 is using an earlier ROM version than 1.03, you can contact an
authorized Roland service center to have it updated. For a list of service
centers in your area, you can contact Roland at (323) 890-3700, ext. 5305. This
information is also provided on the Roland U.S. web site www.rolandus.com and
on the Roland Faxback system (323) 890-3780.