How to Record a Song from a Roland KR Series Piano Directly to CD

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Songs that are created on or played back from any KR piano are actually MIDI files that trigger the internal sounds of the KR piano. A MIDI files works much like a ‘piano roll’ would work with a ‘player piano.’ The ‘roll’ or MIDI files ‘tell’ the piano what notes to play and for how long and how hard, etc. They do not actually contain the sound of the instrument. With this in mind, in order to capture the actual sounds being generated from a KR piano you would first need to connect the left and right audio outputs to an external audio recording device such as the Roland CD-2e. To record a song from your KR piano directly to a CD, use the following procedure;

1) Connect the 1/4 inch left and right outputs of the KR piano to the ‘R’ and ‘L’ LINE IN of the CD-2e, using 2 1/4 inch to RCA type cables.

Note- 1/4 inch to RCA type cables can commonly be purchased from music stores or your local Radio Shack.

2) Load a Song on the KR piano. (You may need to reference your KR’s owner’s manual as to how to load and playback a song.)
3) Insert a blank CD-R into the CD-2e. It will automatically switch to CD MODE. (You could also push the CD MODE button before inserting the CD-R.)
4) On the CD-2e, Press EASY GUIDE.
5) CURSOR to ‘1. Recording’ and then press ENTER.
6) Use the + and - buttons to select CD-R/RW and then press ENTER.
7) Use the + and - buttons to select ‘Digital Piano’ as the Source. Press ENTER.
8) Verify that you are connected to the LINE IN. Press ENTER.
9) Turn the MIC dial all of the way down.
10) Making sure that the KR is turned up, playback the Song from the KR as you adjust the LINE dial to set your record level. You will want the PEAK indicator light above the LINE dial to flash occasionally at the loudest part of the song but not stay on continuously.
11) Stop playback from the KR and return to the beginning of the song.
12) Press ENTER and then the MARKER Button. This will put you into record standby.
13) Press PLAY on the CD-2e and then immediately engage playback on the KR.
14) At the completion of the song, press STOP on the CD-2e.

Note- To record additional songs to the same CD. Press the MARKER button. You may need to readjust the LINE dial for the new song before pressing PLAY to start recording.

Note- Once you have recorded all of the songs that you want to this CD, you will then need to ‘finalize’ the CD. See “How To Finalize A CD on the CD-2e.”