R-8, R-8MKII: Setting the Unit to MIDI Sync

Tags: r-8,r-8mkii
When using with an external sequencer or other device that transmits MIDI
clock (i.e. another drum machine), it may be desirable to sync the R-8 to the
other device. When setup this way, the R-8 will be the "slave" device and the
transmitting device will be the "master" device. Connect the MIDI OUT jack on
your master device to the MIDI IN jack on the R-8/R-8mkII and use the following
procedure to set the R-8 to external MIDI sync mode:

1) Press SONG PLAY to get into Song Play mode or PATTERN PLAY to get into
Pattern Play mode.
2) Stop the current Pattern or Song (if necessary).
3) Hold SHIFT and press Pad 16 (SYNC).
4) Use the VALUE -1/OFF +1/ON or VALUE SLIDER to select "MIDI."
5) Press EXIT to return to the previous display.
6) Press START/STOP. The R-8, R-8MkII will not start playing until it receives
a MIDI message from the master device.
7) Make sure that your master device is setup to transmit MIDI Clock messages.
START the master device. The R-8/R-8mkII will now start playing in sync with
the master device.