PCR-30, PCR-50, PCR-80: Problems Installing in OS X

Tags: driver,usb,pcr-30,pcr-50,pcr-80
In order to use Edirol products with newer versions of OS X the use of the OS X driver from the website is required. Also, uninstallation and reinstallation of the extension is neccesary.

1. Unplug the Edirol device.

2. Goto the location of the extensions on your hard drive

/System/Library/Extensions, and then remove any RDUSB000[X].kext file that is found. Remove it by dragging it into the trash.

3. Reboot the computer.

4. Download and install our updated OS X driver from the website - www.rolandus.com.

5. Reboot again -as the driver installer says to.

6. Connect your Edirol product to the computer.

After these steps, your device should be working.