VSR-880: How do I load a song from my CD backup?

Tags: vsr-880,recover,load
To load a song from a VSR-880 backup CD use the following procedure:

1) Place your backup CD into the Roland VSCDR burner.

2) Press CD-RW MASTERING several times until you see
"CD-R Recover?"

3) Press ENT/Yes

4) At "Store Current" press ENT/Yes to save any changes in the current song or press EXIT/ No to discard any changes.

5) When "CDR Rcv =" appears in the display use the TIME/VALUE wheel to select the song that you want to recover. Selecting "All" will recover all of the songs on to the current partition.

6)PARAMETER to the right to "CD Speed =". Rotate the TIME/VALUE to select the recover speed.

7) Press ENT/Yes.

8) If you selected "All", the display will indicate "INIT ***.* OK?" Pressing ENT/YES will erase the current partition before loading in your backup. If you do not want to erase all of the songs on the current partition then press EXIT/NO.

9) Press ENT/Yes