EXR-7S, EXR-7: Using External MIDI To Trigger The Arranger

Tags: nta,exr-7s,exr-7
It is possible to control the arranger function from an external MIDI device. The Note-To-Arranger (NTA) Channel is set to MIDI Channel 14. By default, this function is turned on.

Use the following procedure to check the status of the NTA function:

1. Press FUNCTION so it is lit.

2. Use the FAMILY CURSORS to select MIDI in the display.

3. Use the SELECT CURSORS to select NTA Rx14.

4. Use the TEMPO/YES/NO CURSORS to select ON or OFF.

5. Press EXIT to exit.

NOTE: The NTA ON or OFF setting will be remembered even after the keyboard is turned off.

NOTE: The external MIDI device you are using needs to be set to transmit on MIDI Channel 14.