FP-4F: Initializing - Restoring the FP-4F Factory Settings

Tags: factory,initialize,fp-4f
The following procedure will clear the internal memory and reload the factory settings:

(CAUTION!!!!: All USER information will be lost!!! Be sure to back up any information you wish to keep!!!)

1. While holding the REVERB button, press the EQUALIZER button. Release both buttons. Both buttons should be lit.

2. Use the + / - buttons to the right of the display to select the "FCT RSET" menu.

3. Press the flashing PIANO button to display "SURE?"

4. Press the flashing TEMPO + button to the left of the display. When the display shows "END" the procedure is finished.

5. Turn the FP-4F power off and back on again.

NOTE: Never turn off the power during a Factory Reset. This may result in corrupted internal data and may prevent the power from being turned on again.