VS-1880: Unlinking Stereo Pairs

Tags: vs-1880,stereo,link,unlink,pairs
The VS-1880 is an 18-track recorder with 12 individual faders. Therefore, tracks 7-18 are linked and operate as stereo pairs. It is possible, however, to record to the tracks individually. The following procedure describes how to unlink stereo pairs, using tracks 7/8 as an example:

1. Press the TRACK/SELECT CH EDIT for 7/8.

2. CURSOR to the box labeled "Link".

3. Rotate the TIME/VALUE dial to "Off".

4. Once the channels are unlinked, the fader for channels 7/8 now controls channel 7 only. To control channel 8, hold SHIFT down before moving the fader - channel 7 is ignored, and channel 8 is now controlled. This concept also applies to viewing the CH EDIT page for an even-numbered, unlinked channel: to view the mixer settings for channel 8, hold SHIFT and press TRACK SELECT/CH EDIT 7/8 - the screen will display settings for channel 8.