ME-20: Tuning the Guitar

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The ME-20 features a built-in chromatic auto-tuner that allows you to tune your guitar quickly and easily. Here’s how to use the tuner:

1. Press Pedals 1 and 2 simultaneously to switch to Tuner mode — two dashes appear 1 in the display.

2. Play your high open E string — the display shows the name of the note closest to the pitch of the string you’ve played. If the string’s already nearly in tune, you see “E.”
Tune the string until its name appears in the display and an arrow on either side of the display points to the string’s name. When only the left-side arrow is lit, the string’s tuned flat. When only the arrow on the right side lights, the string’s tuned sharp.

3. Repeat Step 3 to tune the other five strings.

4. To leave Tuner mode, press Pedals 1 and 2 simultaneously, or press EDIT/EXIT.