VM-3100: Word Clock (Definition)

Tags: vm-3100
In order to communicate audio signals between digital equipment, master clock
signals -- or "word clock" (meaning digital "word") -- must be shared between
the devices.

Digital devices like CD players, DAT recorders, digital mixers, digital
multi-track recorders, digital effect processors, etc., operate on internal
master clock signals (word clocks). To communicate digital audio signals among
several devices by digital connections, word clocks inside one device must be
shared by all other devices. The condition in which a device is supplied with
word clocks from another device and operating in synchronization with the other
device is referred to as "locked to (or synchronized with) external word

Word clocks are supplied via a digital audio connection or by a dedicated word
clock terminal. Often a dedicated word clock terminal is in the form of a
"BNC" type connection.