DUO-CAPTURE MK2: Using the DUO-CAPTURE mk2 with an iPad

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Using the DUO-CAPTURE mk2 with an iPad

DUO-CAPTURE MK2 Compatibility Information:

  • iPad 2nd through 4th Generation
        * Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit required
  • iPad Mini
        * Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter


  • The iPad 1st generations cannot be used
  • The iPad app that you are using must suppot CoreAUDIO



  1. Power up your USB hub (connect the AC adaptor to the USB hub).
  2. Connect the USB hub to the iPad using the Camera Connector of the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit.
  3. Set the DUO-CAPTURE mk2’s [COMPUTER/TAB] switch to the “TAB” position.
  4. Connect the DUO-CAPTURE mk2 to the USB hub.

Note: Operation may be unstable if you use a USB hub of a type that does not have a connected power supply, or if you connect the DUO-CAPTURE mk2 directly to the iPad.