VM-C7200, VM-C7100, VM-7000: VM-7000 series Monitor section signal flow

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The VM-Series Monitor Section provides dedicated controls for primary monitoring levels. The basic layout and signal flow control path can be seen in the "Source Select/Edit" window. To access this window, press and hold the SHIFT button, then press the SOURCE SELECT/EDIT button.

Note the signal flow from the DIGITAL MASTER knob goes to both the MONITOR OUT bus for the processor and the DIGITAL OUT connectors located on the back of the VM-C7100/7200 Consoles. Also note that these digital connectors are hardwired to the monitor section as opposed to the digital audio connections located on the VM-7100/7200 Processors.

While the PHONES and LINE OUT knobs are independent of each other for setting levels on the respective buses, they are both directly effected by the DIGITAL MASTER knob setting as well as the DIM level. If the MAIN mix bus is selected as the source for the monitor section, then those controls are also effected by the MASTER FADER level.

By default, the MONITOR bus receives its signal from the MAIN OUT mix bus. However, alternate sources can be selected for the monitor bus by pressing the SOURCE SELECT/EDIT button by itself, then turning the V1 knob.

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