Fantom X6, Fantom X7, Fantom X8: Assigning the D Beam

Tags: fantom,x6,x7,x8
You can assign various functions to the D Beam. Use the following steps to set up the D Beam for controlling the resonance in a patch.

1. Press PATCH/RHYTHM so it's lit.

2. Press F7 (Kbd Part).

3. Turn the VALUE dial to select PR-A: 029 Remember.

4. Press ASSIGNABLE under the D Beam so it's lit.

5. Press F4 (Ctrl Setting).

6. Press F1 or F2 to select D Beam (Asgn).

7. Use the CURSOR buttons to highlight the Type box.

8. Turn VALUE to select CC71:RESONANCE.

9. Play the keyboard while slowly raising and lowering your hand over the D Beam and listen to how the sound changes.