EM-2000: Play and Search

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The EM-2000 has several methods for selecting Standard MIDI File titles
contained on a ZIP disk. One of these methods is called "Play and Search."
Using this method the EM-2000 can search for a song based on the input of a few
notes of the melody. Use the following procedure to use the Play and Search

1) From the "MASTER" menu, press DISK LIST.
2) Press M DRUMS to display "SORT-ON."
3) Press M BASS [FIND].
4) Press F4 [P&S] and play a few notes of the melody of the song.

NOTE: If you make a mistake, press M DRUMS [RESET] and try again.

5) Press UPPER 1 [EXECUTE] when you have finished entering the notes.

NOTE: "EXECUTING...please Wait" will be displayed. When the search is complete
the "DSKLST" menu will return. A song title or a list of song titles will now
be displayed if the EM-2000 was able to match a song or several songs to the
notes that were played. In the event that the EM-2000 cannot match the notes to
any song on the disk, the "SONG NAME" area of the display will be empty.

6) Press PLAY/STOP under RECORDER to play back the song which the EM-2000 has

NOTE: If the unit has found more than one title, use the BASS BANK knob to make
a selection.

7) To find another song, repeat steps 2 through 6.