VS-2480CD, VS-2480: Assigning a Channel Direct Out to an Output

Tags: vs-2480,vs-2480cd,output,aux,direct
It is possible to send the direct signal from a single channel to one of the outputs. Use the following procedure to route the signal from TRACK 1 to AUX A:

1. Press the CH EDIT button for Track 1.

2. Use the CURSOR buttons to highlight DIR 1.

3. Rotate the TIME/VALUE dial clockwise to choose (darken in) DIR 1.

4. Press EZ ROUTING.

5. Press F3(OUTPUT).

6. Use the CURSOR buttons to highlight AUX A.

7. Rotate the TIME/VALUE dial to connect AUX A to DIR 1/2.

8. Press DISPLAY/HOME to return to the main screen.