JV-2080: Sequencing

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The JV-2080 is a 16-part multitimbral instrument. There are 64 preset performances and 32 user performances. To select a performance for sequencing:


2. Press PRESET, followed by A to select the Preset A Bank.

3. Turn the VALUE dial to select PR-A:01 Seq:Template.

Use the following procedure to choose sounds, adjust levels, panning or other part parameters:

1. Press F3 [Part] followed by F6 [Palette].

2. Use the left and right CURSOR buttons to select the desired Part.

3. Push the VALUE dial to access the Sound List display and turn the dial to select a patch. Press EXIT to return to the Part display.

4. Use the CURSOR buttons to select additional part parameters (Level, Pan, Coarse Tune, Fine Tune, and Voice Reserve) and turn the VALUE dial to adjust these parameters as desired.