U-220: Using MIDI to Change a Patch on the U-220

Tags: control,u-220,channel
You can change the entire Patch of the U-220 by sending a program change on the selected Control channel. (Program change messages sent on individual channels used for Parts will only change the Timbres for the selected Part.)

Use the following procedure to access settings for the Control Channel:

1. Press EDIT.

2. Cursor to "Setup," then press ENTER.

3. Cursor to "MIDI," then press ENTER.

4. Cursor left to select "Rx Control Ch=...."

5. Use VALUE UP/DOWN buttons to set control channel to a MIDI channel number. (Channel 1-16 or OFF)

6. Send the appropriate program change number from the sequencer on the control channel to change a Patch.

NOTE: If you are also using program change messages to select Timbres, be sure to select a MIDI Control Channel that is not being used by the Parts within that Patch.