TD-20: Pad Pattern

Tags: td-20
It’s possible to strike one of the pads in a kit to start and stop or “tap” through a pattern. Use the following steps to assign a pattern to a pad:

1. Select a desired kit.

2. Press INST so it’s lit.

3. Press F3 [CONTROL].

4. Strike the pad you wish to assign a pattern to.

5. Turn the VALUE dial, or press the INC+ / DEC- buttons to select a desired pattern.

6. Now, strike the same pad again and the pattern will start. Strike the pad to stop the pattern.

Note: If you selected a “Tap” pattern- i.e. #85 JAZZ END, playing the pad repeatedly will step (or “tap”) through the pattern.
Tip: Some of the TD-20’s preset kits have a pattern already assigned to a pad. If you would like to turn off the pad pattern feature for that kit, follow steps 2-4 above. Then, for step 5, turn the VALUE dial counterclockwise or press the DEC- button to select “OFF.”