TD-20X, TD-12, TD-20: Adjusting the Crosstick Threshold

Tags: sensitivity,pad,trigger,td-20,td-12,problem,td-20x,snare
XStick (crosstick) Threshold is a parameter that defines how much force (or how little) is needed to trigger the crosstick sound for the snare pad. If you find it is difficult to trigger the XStick sound, or it triggers too easily, adjust the XStick Threshold:

1. Press SETUP.

2. Press F1-TRIGGER.

3. Press F5-ADVANCE.

4. Press F2-RIM.

5. Press CURSOR up or down to "Xstick Thrshld".

6. Hit the snare pad.

7. Turn the value dial to adjust the setting.

8. Press the KIT button when you're finished. The new setting is saved automatically.