R-1: Recording Times for the EDIROL R-1

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There are nine different record modes for the R-1.There are two WAV modes and seven MP3 modes. The highest and the lowest MP3 modes are listed here. These recording times are approximate. Your results may vary.

64 MB card:

WAV(24 bit)= 3 mins, WAV(16 bit)= 5 mins
MP3(16 bit/320kbps)= 26 mins, MP3(16 bit/64kbps)= 130 mins

256 MB card:

WAV(24 bit)= 15 mins, WAV(16 bit)= 23 mins
MP3(16 bit/320kbps)= 102 mins, MP3(16 bit/64kbps)= 512 mins

512 MB card:

WAV(24 bit)= 31 mins, WAV(16 bit)= 47 mins
MP3(16 bit/320kbps)= 208 mins, MP3(16 bit/64kbps)= 1040 mins

2 GB card:

WAV(24 bit)= 125 mins, WAV(16 bit)= 188 mins
MP3(16 bit/320kbps)= 831 mins, MP3(16 bit/64kbps)= 4,158 mins

* These times are for mono recording, divide minutes by 2 for stereo recording times.