XV-5050: Setting up for Sequencing

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Use performances to set up the XV-5050 for use with a sequencer:

1. Press PERFORM so it¡¦s lit.

2. Turn the VALUE dial to select PA:001 Seq:Template.

Note: Preset-A 001-016 are all good templates to start with when sequencing. Parts 1-16 are turned on and are assigned to MIDI Channels 1-16, respectively.

Selecting sounds:

3. Hold PERFORM and press PATCH so they¡¦re both lit.

4. Press the PART < and > buttons to select the desired part/MIDI channel. Part 1 uses MIDI Channel 1, Part 2 uses MIDI Channel 2, and so on.

5. Turn the VALUE dial to select the desired patch for each part. You can also use the PATCH FINDER button, as discussed in "Selecting Patches."

Note: Typically, Part 10 - which responds to MIDI Channel 10 - is set up as the rhythm kit part.