SP-202: Sampling From The Line Inputs

Tags: record,sp-202,sample
The SP-202 allows you to record an external sound source using the Line Inputs. Use the following procedure to sample using the Line Inputs:

1. Connect an external sound source (CD player, drum machine, etc.) to the Line Inputs on the back of the SP-202.

2. Set the SOURCE MIX switch to "OFF".

3. Set the SOURCE SELECT switch to "LINE".

4. Play the audio from the external device and adjust the incoming signal by rotating the REC LEVEL knob.

Note: The incoming signal should barely light the PEAK indicator.

5. Press REC.

6. Press the pad where you wish to store the sample.

7. Press REC again to start sampling.

8. Press REC once more to stop sampling.

9. Press the selected pad to hear the sample you have just recorded.