RD-700NX: Recording Audio

Tags: record,rd-700nx
Use the following procedure to RECORD AUDIO on the RD-700NX.

1. Insert a formatted USB memory stick in the USB slot.

Note: See the "Formatting USB Memory" Knowledge Base entry.

2. Press SELECT so it lights.

3. Press the LAYER EDIT button to select the SONG menu in the display.

4. Press the TONE EDIT button to enter Record Standby.

5. Press the flashing PLAY/STOP button to begin recording.

6. When you're finished recording, press the lighted PLAY/STOP button to stop the recording process.

7. You can now name your recorded song by using the left and right cursor buttons and the INC and DEC buttons.

8. When you're finished naming your song, press the flashing ENTER button to save the song.