UA-700: Driver settings in Sonar 2.2

Tags: ua-700
The WDM driver may still be better in SONAR 2.2. After you've installed the WDM driver open up Cakewalk and go to the Options/Audio menu. Inside here click on the Advanced menu tab and then note the little pull-down menu to the left side. If you select WDM drivers here and restart SONAR it will only display the WDM sound cards on your system. After this is done browse to the Options/Audio menu and click on the Driver tab, then only select the UA-700 for input and output here. You'll have to restart SONAR again, then go back to Options/Audio and on the General tab click the Wave Profiler button. After that's finished slide the latency bar on the bottom of this menu to the left, until it's set at 6.0ms. That should do it!