VS-2480, VS-2400, VS-2000: Saving & Loading Automix Patterns

Tags: vs-2400,vs-2480,vs-2000,automix,load,save,saving,pattern,loading
The VS-2480/2400/2000 allows you to save your Automix data for a Project to a user location called an Automix Pattern. You can also recall any one of those Automix Patterns at anytime. By saving and loading Automix Patterns you can create and save several different mixes of the same Project, then recall any one of them to determine which one you like the best.

1. After you've created an Automix, press [UTILITY](SHIFT+UTILITY on the VS-2400/2000).

2. Use the [TIME/VALUE DIAL] to select AUTOMIX SETUP (on the VS-2000 - select AUTOMIX). Press [ENTER/YES].

3. If you want to Save an Automix Pattern, press [F4]. Use the [TIME/VALUE DIAL] to select a Save location for your Automix Pattern. There are 9 available locations per Project.

4. Name the Automix Pattern by pressing NAME [F1]. Use the [TIME/VALUE DIAL] to select a letter or number, and use the [ARROW/CURSOR] buttons to move to another character in the name. You can use [F2], [F3], and [F4] to Backspace over, Delete, or Insert a character.

5. Press OK [F5]. The VS will prompt you with "Save Automix Pattern?". Press [ENTER/YES] to actually Save the Pattern to the chosen location. Press EXIT [F6] twice to return to the HOME PAGE.

6. If you want to LOAD an Automix Pattern that you previously saved, press [UTILITY](SHIFT+UTILITY on the VS-2400/2000).

7. Use the [TIME/VALUE DIAL] to select AUTOMIX SETUP (on the VS-2000 - select AUTOMIX). Press [ENTER/YES].

8. Press Load [F3].

9. Use the [TIME/VALUE DIAL] to select one of your saved Automix Patterns.

10. Press OK [F5]. Press [ENTER/YES] to a LOAD that Pattern as the current Automix.

WARNING!!! If you LOAD an Automix Pattern, it will overwrite your current Automix and you cannot UNDO it!! So, be sure to save your current Automix Pattern before loading another one.