VS-2480, VS-2480CD: Mastering a CDR Mode Mix - MTP vs. CDR Mode

Tags: mode,import,vs-2480,vs-2480cd,track,master,cdr
If you have mixed your Project in the Mastering Room with the CDR mode switch on, and now you want to "Master" it with an MTK (Mastering Tool Kit) effect, you must import the mix tracks into a CDR Mode Project. A CDR Mode mix can only be played back from the Mastering Room. If you try to move or exchange the mix tracks with any other channels, they will not play back. Tracks cannot share recording modes. Most likely, your individual performance tracks are in MTP Mode and now your mix tracks are in CDR Mode. The work around is easy. Create a new project in CDR Mode and import the mix tracks.

1. Press PROJECT.
2. Press F2 for NEW. (If NEW does not appear, press PAGE)
3. Use the Cursor arrows and the Time/Value dial to select
CDR mode, 44.1K.
4. Press F5, OK. "Create New Project, Sure ?" appears
in the display.
5. Press ENTER/YES. "STORE Current ?" appears.
6. Press ENTER/YES. The New Project is created.
7. Press TRACK.
8. Press PAGE to select Page 2.
9. Press F2, IMPORT. The Source Project screen will appear.
10. Use the Up/Down Cursor buttons to get a box around the
Project you wish to Import the mix tracks from.
11. Press F5, SELECT.
12. Use the Time/Value dial to select the left channel of
your mix in the Source box. (Most commonly 23-v.trk16)
13. Cursor right and use the Time/Value dial to select the
destination track of the new project. (1-1)
14. Press F5, OK to start the Import.

Note: The right channel of the mix will Import to track 2-1
even though you only see the left channel in the source and destination track boxes.
You can now play your original mix back into the Mastering Room and insert the MTK (Mastering Tool Kit) effect. The default master tracks in a CDR Mode Project are 15/16-16.