Fantom-XR: Creating a Patch from a Sample

Tags: loop,patch,sample,fantom-xr
To create a patch from a single, use the following Procedure;

1. Hold down SHIFT and press SAMPLING.

2. Hold down SHIFT and press LIST.

3. Use the VALUE dial to highlight the sample that you want to use and then press ENTER.

4. Press MENU. The Sample Utility screen will appear.

5. Use the[CURSOR up/down buttons to select "Create Patch."

6. Press [ENTER]. The Create Patch screen will appear.

7. Turn the VALUE dial or use [INC][DEC] to set the "Tempo Sync" value. Set this to ON if the sample you are using is a loop that you would want to sync to MIDI Clock.

8. Press [ENTER]. A message will ask you for confirmation.

9. Press [ENTER].