VS-840: Updating the VS-840 with SMFs

Tags: system,update,version,vs-840
The VS-840 can be user-updated with Standard MIDI Files (SMFs). The following tools are required:

* MIDI Sequencer that can load and play back SMFs
* MIDI Cable
* VS-840
* VS-840 update files

1. Connect the MIDI Out of the sequencer to the MIDI In of the VS-840.

2. Hold down MODE, INPUT, and ENTER while powering on the VS-840, "Receive MID-EX?" will be displayed.

3. Press YES. The message "Now Waiting..." will be displayed.

4. Load and play the SMFs "VS840000.mid" through "VS840007.mid" from your sequencer in order. After all SMFs have ben played "Version Up?" will be displayed.

5. Pres YES. "UserArea Update?" will be displayed.

6. Press YES. "END!!! Please POWER OFF/ON" will be displayed.

7. Power the VS-840 off then back on to complete the update.