BR-1180CD, BR-1600CD: Initializing the Hard Drive

Tags: drive,hard,init,initialize,br-1180cd,br-1600cd
Initializing the hard drive erases the entire hard drive. This technique is helpful if you want to erase all the songs off the drive at once. Also, if the message "Drive Busy" appears on the screen, it means fragmentation has accumulated on the hard drive. Initializing the drive will help clear out the fragmentation. To avoid getting this message, initialize the drive every 2-3 months if the unit is being used constantly, or every 6 months if the unit is being used occasionally.

1. Press UTILITY.

2. CURSOR to "HDD," and press ENTER.

3. CURSOR to "Initialize," and press ENTER.

4. Use the TIME/VALUE dial to change the FORMAT MODE to "Surface Scan."

5. Cursor to "GO," and press ENTER.

6. The message "Are you sure?" will be displayed, press ENTER.

NOTE! ALL songs will be erased from the hard drive! Make sure to have CD backups of your songs prior to initializing the hard drive!