Fantom, FA-76: Changing the Beat Signature

Tags: time,fantom,fa-76,signature
It is possible to change the beat signature from the default 4/4 time to another beat signature at any measure of your song.

Follow these steps to change the beat signature:

1. Press MENU.

2. Turn the VALUE dial to select "Song Edit."

3. Press 8 "Select."

4. Press 7 "Micro Edit" to enter the Microscope edit window.

5. Use the CURSOR Up key to highlight the "Track" box.

6. Turn the VALUE dial to select the "BEAT" track.

7. CURSOR Down.

8. CURSOR Right or Left to highlight the first number on the left, indicating the measure number currently selected.

9. Turn the VALUE dial to select the measure where you want the beat change to occur.

NOTE: The Fantom will automatically create the first Beat Change message at measure one. To set the Beat Signature for the entire song, simply edit this initial message.

10. If there is no "Beat Message" at the desired measure, press 1 "Create" to insert a "Beat Change."

11. CURSOR Right to highlight the BEAT CHANGE value numbers and turn the VALUE dial to set the desired values.

12. Press EXIT twice to return to the play screen.