DR-880: Specifing a Drum Kit in a Pattern

Tags: user,store,kit,drum,dr-880
All patterns within the DR-880 have a drum kit associated with them. Use the following steps to define a specific drum kit to a User pattern:

1. Press EXIT a few times to confirm you are not in Edit mode.

2. Hold SHIFT and press the SONG button repeatedly until "PATTERN USER" appears in the upper left hand corner of the display.

3. Press the KIT button once. This is where you select the kit you would like to store in the pattern.

4. Turn the VALUE dial to select the desired kit.

5. Press EXIT once.

6. Press the EDIT button once.

7. Use the CURSOR < > buttons to select "PATTERN."

8. Press ENTER.

9. Press the CURSOR right button select "WRITE"

10. Press ENTER.

11. Turn the VAlUE dial to select the User Location you would like to save this pattern to.

12. Press ENTER to save the pattern to your User Location.

This process will save your new pattern, along with its associated drum kit, to the user location you specified in step 11.