BR-1180CD, BR-1180: Using Loop Effects

Tags: loop,effects,fx,delay,reverb,br-1180cd,br-1180
Chorus and delay as well as doubling and reverb are provided as loop effects in the BR-1180/1180CD’s mixer section. Effective use of these allows you to add greater breadth to the sound.

The screen for adjusting the volume level sent from the tracks to each of the effects (the send level) appears in the display.

2. Press CURSOR < > and select the track for which you will change the setting.

3. Rotate the TIME/VALUE dial to change the setting.

4. Press CHORUS/DELAY or REVERB once again. The screen for adjusting the amount of each effect applied appears in the display.

5. Press CURSOR UP or DOWN to select the parameter.

6. Rotate the TIME/VALUE dial to change the setting.

7. Press EXIT several times to return to the top screen.

In addition to using CURSOR < > to change the track selected, you can also select a track directly with the REC TRACK buttons. When doing so, you can simultaneously press a pair of REC TRACK buttons (i.e., tracks 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6, or 7 and 8) to adjust the settings of the two selected tracks at the same time.