DR-880: Instrument Pitch

Tags: dr-880
The pitch of each instrument in a Drum Kit can be adjusted to your liking. Use the following steps to adjust the pitch of an instrurment:
Note: If your planning to keep the changes you make to the kit, be sure to "Write" the settings to a User kit when you're finished.

1. Press KIT.

2. Turn the VALUE dial to choose a kit to edit.

3. Press the CURSOR Down button once to select "DRUM PART."

4. Press ENTER.

5. Press the CURSOR Right (>) button once.

6. Press the drum pad that contains the instrument you want to edit.

7. Press CURSOR Down six times to select "Pit.Coarse."

8. Turn the VALUE dial to adjust the pitch - (+50/-50).

9. If you want to "fine tune" the pitch, press CURSOR Down to select "Pitch Fine" and turn the VALUE dial.

10. Repeat steps 6-9 for any remaining instruments if desired.

11. Press EXIT or KIT when you're finished.