Fantom-G6, Fantom-G7, Fantom-G8: How do I turn off Local Control?

Tags: control,logic,pro,sonar,local,fantom-g6,fantom-g7,fantom-g8,tools
A keyboard's Local control setting determines its ability to play its own sounds from its keys (and/or pads). Normally, this setting should remain on. Turning Local Control off breaks the connection between the Fantom-G's keys/pads and its sounds, effectively turning it into a separate MIDI controller and sound module. This is useful when utilizing an external sequencer (such as the MV-8800, Sonar, Logic, or Pro Tools).

1. Press MENU, select System, and press ENTER.
2. Press F2 to select the Sound page.
3. Cursor to the Local Control parameter and set it to "On" or "Off".
4. Press F7 (Sys Write) to save your setting.