SPD-11: Patch Expand

Tags: spd-11
Each patch will allow you to play 32 sounds at once, 16 if layering is used. To
access more sounds thru MIDI, the SPD-11 has a feature called Patch Expand.
When set to ON, patches 61-64, plus the selected patch can be played
simultaneously thru MIDI.

To turn Patch Expand on, use the following procedure:

1) Press EDIT.
2) Press SELECT to select the "SYSTEM" parameter group.
3) Use the up / down arrows to select "PATCH EXPAND."
4) Press the PATCH/VALUE buttons to turn the "PATCH EXPAND" function "ON."
5) Press EDIT to return to play mode.

Note: Settings for the FX/PEDAL and FX/ON OFF will apply to the settings of the
currently selected patch. Also, note numbers 35-81 are compatible with the GM
percussion map, note numbers 27-87 are compatible with the GS Standard Set.