VS-700: Fantom VS and ARX Editor Troubleshooting

Tags: error,midi,insert,synth,fantom,write,failed,sonar,cakewalk,editor,arx,vs,unable,read,read/write,soft,devices,vst

There are a few different error/warning messages associated with the Fantom VS Editor and ARX Editor if things are not configured correctly. The information in this article should help you to resolve the behavior you are experiencing.

NOTE: Before proceeding with any troubleshooting steps, you should install the latest Fantom VS Editor and/or ARX Editor component(s). This update is recommended for everyone, but is required for any 64-bit SONAR software. The latest installer is available here:

Fantom VS & ARX Editor Installer

Please read the Installation Instructions carefully or you may install extra components and be met with error messages.

If the update above does not correct your issue, please select which behavior you are experiencing from one of the links below: