BR-900, BR-900CD: Bouncing Tracks Directly to a CD

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In the BR-900CD, it is possible to bounce tracks directly to a CD. This is convenient, as it saves a step compared to the traditional method of bouncing to a pair of tracks, and then burning the CD.

NOTE: The Rhythm Track is disabled when you bounce directly to CD.

Bouncing Directly to CD

  1. Make the song sound like you want it to sound. This means any fader level, pan and effect settings should already be set.
  2. Press PLAY to be sure that the song sounds the way you would like it to sound on the CD that you will be burning.
    NOTE: Adjust the track fader levels and the MASTER fader level so that the level meter is averaging as close to 0dB as possible--without going over and distorting.

  3. Place a blank CD into the disk drive and close the tray.
  4. Press the REC MODE button until "BOUNCE" appears in the display.
  5. Use the CURSOR buttons to move the cursor so that it is under "78" in the upper right corner of the display.
  6. Turn the VALUE dial clockwise to choose "CD."
  7. Press REC - wait momentarily for the CD to prepare - "Keep power on, now checking.../Creating Track" appears in the display.
  8. Press PLAY when you're ready to bounce the tracks. The audio that is playing will be burned to the CD.
  9. Press STOP when the song is finished.
  10. Repeat these steps for any additional songs you would like to burn to the disc.
  11. When you have burn all of the songs you would like onto the CD, finalize the disc in order to play the CD in an external CD player or on a computer.

Finalizing the Disc

  1. Press the CD/RW button.
  2. Press the CURSOR left button to select "AUDIO."
  3. Press ENTER/YES.
  4. Press CURSOR right to select "FINAL."
  5. Press ENTER/YES - "FINALIZE CD OK?" appears in the display.
  6. Press ENTER/YES again.
    When the finalize process is done, "Complete" appears in the display.
  7. Press EXIT a few times to return to the Play screen.