BR-1200CD, BR-1200: How to format/initialize the internal hard drive.

Tags: format,initialize,br-1200,br-1200cd
The Disk Initialize procedure should be performed if the hard disk can no longer be written to or read from, or if you immediately want to delete all data from the drive. This procedure also should be performed on a regular basis to help prevent drive fragmentation.

CAUTION: Performing a Disk Initialize erases ALL data on the drive. Be sure to backup any important projects you wish to keep.

1. Press UTILITY.

2. Use CURSOR to select the "HDD" icon, and press ENTER.

3. Use CURSOR to select the "INIT" icon, then press ENTER. "Format mode: NORMAL" is displayed.

4. To correct any problems with the hard drive, turn the wheel one click to the right so the display reads "Format mode: SURFACE SCAN"

5. Press F3 for "GO". The BR will ask you if you're sure. In addition, if there's a protected song, it will warn you.

6. Press YES until the BR begins formatting. If the surface scan option is turned ON, the format could take a few hours.

After the initialization is complete, the main screen is displayed.