BR-800: Creating a Rhythm Arrangement

Tags: pattern,arrangement,drum,program,beat,measure

There are 327 built-in preset rhythm and metronome patterns in the BR-800 that can be used for creating rhythm arrangements for your songs. Use the following steps to create a Rhythm Arrangement:

  1.  Press RHYTHM.
  2. Press cursor up to select the "TYPE" field.
  3. Turn the Dial counterclockwise to choose "ARRANGE".
  4. Press cursor down once.
  5. Press cursor left once.
  6. Turn the Dial clockwise to select "S" (Song). This selects an empty arrangement.

  7. Cursor down to "EDIT" and then press ENTER.
  8. Cursor to "STEP" and press ENTER.
  9. Cursor to the PATTERN field and turn the Dial counterclockwise to select "P."
  10. Cursor right once to select the pattern number and then turn the Dial to choose a desired preset pattern.
  1. Cursor to the right and the turn the dial to set the TEMPO that you want this Pattern to play at.
  2. Press FF to advance to the next step. Note: The step is represented by "No." to the left of "MEASURE".
  3. Cursor to MEASURE and then use the dial to set the measure in which the next Pattern will begin.
    Note: The pattern assigned to a step will continue playing indefinitely until a new step interrupts it. So, for example, Step 2 will stop Step 1's Pattern from playing. Step 2 will start playing its own assign Pattern.
  4. Cursor to PATTERN and select a desired pattern.
  5. Cursor to TEMPO and select the tempo in which you want this pattern to play.
  6. Repeat Steps 14-17 until you have finished building your arrangement. We'll now setup an end to the Arrangement
  7. Press FF to advance to the next step.
  8. Cursor to MEASURE and turn the dial to select the measure that you want the song to end on.
  9. Cursor to PATTERN and turn the dial to select P327. This pattern is a "Break" pattern (silence).
  10. When you're finished, press EXIT 3 times. The Arrangement is stored automatically.
  11. Slide the RHYTHM and MASTER faders up.
  12. Press PLAY to hear the new Arrangement.

    Here's an example Arrangement:
    If you want:
    • Pattern P100 to play from Measures 1 through 8
    • Pattern P110 to play from measure 9 through 12
    • Pattern P210 to play from measures from measures 13 and 14
    • And then the song will end--which means that the song ends on the downbeat of measure 15.
    Here's how this would be setup:
    01 001 P100 120.00
    02 009 P110 120.00
    03 013 P210 120.00
    04 015 P327 120.00