GR-55: Using the Assigns

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In the GR-55,  you can assign or "TARGET" various parameters to be controlled, such as;  ON/OFF switches for the tones and effects, effects levels, etc.. These targeted parameters can be controlled by what is called a "SOURCE." A Source can be a button, footswitch, or pedal on the GR-55, or even an external pedal on a midi controller for additional control and functionality.

There are 8 available Assignments in each patch in the GR-55. Here's how to setup an assignment. For this example we will setup ASSIGN 1 so that the CTL pedal turns on and off the delay effect:     

1. Choose a patch to edit.  

2.  Press the EDIT button.  

In this view you will see four tabs: TONE, EFFECT, MASTER, SYSTEM. The PAGE [◄ ►] buttons allow you to access and move between the different tabs.

3. Press the PAGE [◄ or ►] button to select the MASTER tab.   

Tip: Once you've selected a tab,  you can use the dial and/or  the ▼▲◄ ► cursor buttons to navigate through the parameters.

4. Turn the dial to highlight the ASSIGN icon and then press ENTER.  In the ASSIGN menu there are eight tabs (numbered 1-8). Each tab is an ASSIGN.

5. Cursor to highlight "SWITCH" and then turn the dial to choose "ON." This turns on  ASSIGN 1.

6. Press cursor down to highlight "TARGET." 

7. Turn  the dial to select "DELAY TYPE SWITCH." This is the ON/OFF switch for the delay effect.

8. Press cursor down once to highlight  "TARGET MIN."  By default it should be set to "OFF."  If not, turn the dial to select  "OFF." 

9 Press cursor down once to highlight  "TARGET MAX,"  and then turn the dial to select "ON."

The TARGET MIN/MAX settings specify the range of change for the specified TARGET parameter. Depending on the TARGET you chose,  you will see different ranges displayed between the MIN/MAX. Some are as simple as OFF and ON others can be millisecond variation from 5ms-3400ms or 0-100. These variables are dependent on the TARGET.

10. Press cursor down to highlight "SOURCE." As explained previously, the SOURCE is the button, foot switch, pedal, controller or midi CC# that you want to assign to control the parameter you chose for the TARGET. Remember, for our example we are choosing the CTL pedal as our SOURCE and it is controlling the ON/OFF switch of the delay.

11. Turn the dial to select "CTL."  

12. Press cursor down to highlight "SOURCE MODE," and then turn the dial to select "TOGGLE."  There are two choices here:

TOGGLE:  When you press and release the pedal, the Target function will activate and stay activated until you press the pedal again. Thus - “toggling” between On and Off.  

MOMENTARY:  When you  press on the pedal, the Target function will activate and stay activated  for long as you keep your foot presseddown on the pedal. As soon as you release the pedal,  the switch is deactivated. Thus - only engaging the pedal for the “moment” your foot is holding the pedal down.


The last two choices are ACT RANGE LO / ACT RANGE HI and are generally kept at the default range of 0 and 127. An example of wanting to adjust these would be if the throw of the expression pedal physically is too long for you, and you want to shorten the effect range between the heel down and toe forward positions.

13. Press the EXIT button twice to return to the main screen.


To view the function of the new assignment; 

1. Press EDIT. 

2. Press PAGE [◄ ►]  to select the EFFECT tab.

3. Press the CTL pedal  to turn the DELAY ON/OFF. Notice the switch (box) in the lower left corner. When it's solid, the delay is on. When it's empty, the delay is off.

If you want to save the new settings to a patch, press the WRITE button twice.