VS-1880, VS-1824: Using the Mastering Room for Mixdown

Tags: cdrw,vs-1824,vs-1880,mixdown,mastering
Audio CD's contain only two tracks (Left/Right); therefore, in order to burn to CD the audio must first be mixed down to two tracks. The Mastering Room in the VS-1880 is there to make this as easy as possible. It takes whatever you are hearing (the output of the Master bus) and records it onto two Master Tracks(default: tracks 17/18, virtual track 16).

1. Press the CD-RW MASTERING button.

2. Press F1 to select the MASTERING ROOM.

3. Cursor to and turn the SW (switch) box to "ON" with the TIME/VALUE dial.

4. CURSOR DOWN to the CDR REC MODE, and choose "ON" with the TIME/VALUE dial. This creates the image file while the tracks are being mixed down.

5. CURSOR to the STATUS box and turn it to "REC" with the TIME/VALUE dial.

6. Check which tracks are selected in the V-TRACK box. To change the desired tracks (Master Tracks), CURSOR to that box and use the TIME/VALUE dial. These are the tracks that will later be sent to CD.

7. Set the desired levels for the playback tracks. Press the REC button so that it is flashing red.

8. Press ZERO to rewind to the beginning of the song, then press the PLAY button when ready to begin the mixdown.

9. When the song is finished, press the STOP button.

10. To hear the tracks that were just mixed, CURSOR to the STATUS box in the Mastering Room and turn it to "PLAY".

11. Press the ZERO button to rewind to the beginning of the song, and press PLAY to hear the mixed tracks.

NOTE: When mixing down multiple songs to the same Master Tracks, set up the AFTER REC box before mixdown. For the first song the AFTER REC box should be set at "to zero". For every song thereafter, set it at "to last phrase: 2s" or "to last phrase: 4s". These settings set the gap in between the songs.