TD-20 S BK, TD-20: Adjusting Instrument Volume

Tags: td-20,bk,s
It is possible to adjust the volume for each instrument within a drum kit - including individual volume levels for the head and rim of each pad. Use the following steps to adjust the volume of an instrument:

1. Select a desired KIT to edit.

2. Press the MIXER button.

3. Press F1 (VOLUME).

4. Hit the pad, or portion of the pad (head/rim) that you would like to adjust the volume for.
Note: Hitting the pad will automatically select the desired instrument that you want to adjust. If it does not, the "Trigger Lock" feature is most likely enabled. To disable the Trigger Lock feature, press the LOCK button so it is unlit.

5. Turn the VALUE dial to adjust the volume (0-127).

6. Repeat steps 4-5 for any remaining pads if desired.

7. Press the KIT button when you're finished. The settings are saved automatically.