eBand JS-10: Formatting an SD card

Tags: memory,format,details,storage

Any newly purchased SD card or one that's been used in another device must be formatted before it can be used in the JS-10.

 CAUTION !  Formatting the SD card erases ALL data on the card. Be sure to backup any data on the card that you wish to keep.

1. Insert the SD card into the JS-10's SD card slot.

2. Turn on the JS-10's  power.

3. Press MENU. 

4. Cursor to highlight SYSTEM and then press ENTER.

5. Press cursor right repeatedly to select "SD CARD FORMAT."

6. Press ENTER twice. 

7. Press cursor right to highlight "OK." 

8. Press ENTER.

"Now Executing" appears in the display. Once it has finished, the card is ready to use.