Juno-G: Assigning Samples to a Rhythm Set

Tags: audio,rhythm,files,sampling,sample,kit,drum,juno-g,set
The Juno G does not have a dedicated sampler section. However, you can assign audio recordings (samples) to a patch or rhythm set:

1) Record your samples separately onto an audio track.

2) Press [AUDIO]. Remove the empty space surrounding your audio with the START and END values.

3) To adjust a different sample, press [F4] LIST, select the new file, and press [F4] EDIT.

4) From Patch mode, select a rhythm set you'd like to add your samples to and press [PATCH EDIT].

5) Press [F6] PRO EDIT, [F1] GRP LIST, select "4. WAVE PARAMETER", and press [ENTER].

6) Play the key you'd like to assign your first sample to.

7) After "Wave Group", select "SAMP".

8) After "Wave Bank", select "USER".

9) After "Wave No. L(Mono)", select the number of the desired audio file.

10) To assign a new sample to a different key, play the new key and repeats steps 7-9.