VG-88: Adjusting the Normal Guitar Pickup Volume

Tags: level,vg-88
The Normal Pickup (NP) volume level in the VG-88 controls the volume of your guitar's original pickups. By default, many of the patches in the VG-88 have the Normal Pickup volume set to 0. This means that the original pickups on your guitar will not be heard, even if the GK's three-position switch is set to "Guitar" and the guitar's volume is turned up.
Use the following steps to adjust the normal pickup volume:

1. Choose a desired User Patch to edit.

2. Press the COSM GUITAR button.

3. Press the PAGE right button until the "MIXER" tab shows in the display.

4. Press F6 [EDIT] - "BALANCE" shows in the display.

5. Turn the VALUE dial to adjust the "Mixer Balance" level. CG = "COSM Guitar," NP = Normal Pickups.

6. When you're finished, press the WRITE button twice to save the new settings to the Patch.

7. Repeat Steps 1-6 for each User patch as desired.