VS-1680, VS-1880, VS-1824, VS-1824CD: Accessing the De-Esser Effect

Tags: de-esser,deesser,sibilance,deess,de-ess

De-essing is a dynamic effect that can reduce or eliminate an abundance of sibilant consonants, such as "s", "z" and "sh" sounds, in recordings of the human voice. You can access the De-Esser function in the Limiter ("Lmt") portion of any "Vocal Multi" effect in the VS8F-2 Effect card installed on a VS recorder. The following steps will guide you through accessing the De-Esser function.

  1. Hold SHIFT and press F3(Effect A).
  2. Press F1(FX1).
  3. Press F2(Sel).
  4. Use the TIME/VALUE dial to select any Vocal Muliteffect ("VO"). For example, "P031 :[VO:Vocal FX]".
  5. Press F4(EXEC).
  6. Cursor to "Lmt" and then press ENTER.
  7. Cursor to "Mode" and then use the TIME/VALUE dial to change the mode to "De-esser".