V-WAH, PW-10: Creating a Custom Wah

Tags: editing,store,v-wah,pw-10,memorize
It is possible to create a custom wah in the PW-10. Use the following steps to do so:

1. Confirm that the PW-10 is OFF and your guitar amp volume is down.

2. Turn the TYPE knob to select "CUSTOM."

3. While holding down the MANUAL/MEMORY button, switch on the PW-10's power- (the ON/OFF indicator will flash).

4. Release the MANUAL/MEMORY button.

5. Turn up the volume on the guitar amp.

6. Select the desired Wah type by turning the TYPE knob.

7. Turn the WAH RANGE and DRIVE knobs until the desired sound is achieved.

8. When finished, press the MANUAL/MEMORY button to save the new settings.

9. Turning the TYPE knob to "CUSTOM" will now select the custom wah effect that has been stored.