RM-700 - Using the Transpose Function


Use the following procedure to set the Transpose function:

1. Press the Transpose button to display the Transpose menu.

2. Touch the "flat" or "sharp" icons on the touch screen to lower or raise the transpose amount in half-steps.

NOTE: The transpose range is -6 to +5 half steps.

3. Touch one of the three large icons in the lower left corner of the display to select what is going to be transposed.

The icon of the piano keys: Transpose only affects the keyboard itself.

The icon of the musical note: Transpose only affects the song file being played.

The icon of the piano keys plus the musical note: Transpose affects both the keyboard and the song.

4. Press the Exit button to return to the previous menu.

NOTE: You can now use the Transpose button to turn the  transpose function on or off. The transpose value will remain at your selected setting until you turn off the RM-700