R-8, R-8MKII: Copy Instrument

Tags: r-8,r-8mkii
The R-8 and R-8MKII can store 26 edited Instruments (which are called copy
Instruments: COPY 01 to 26). Copy Instruments are created by copying any of the
200 Preset Instruments. As a Copy Instrument it can then be edited. Use the
following procedure to register (STORE) a Copy Instrument.

1) Press SOUND to select the Sound Edit Mode.
2) Press Numeric Key 2 to select "COPY."
3) Using [-1/off][+1/on] or the VALUE slider, specify the destination Copy
Instrument to be stored.
4) Tap the key pad that corresponds to the Instrument to be copied.
Switch the pad Banks with [<][>] if necessary.
5) Press ENTER.
6) Press EXIT to return to the Menu Display.