BR-1200CD, BR-1200: BOUNCING or MIXING Tracks to a Single Stereo Track

Tags: mix,mixdown,combine,bounce,down,together,merge

Before you burn a CD or export a mix to your computer, you must first mix down your tracks. This process is called "bouncing." To bounce tracks in the BR-1200CD, follow these steps:

  1. Adjust the track settings (i.e. volume, pan, effects, etc) so that the recording sounds the way you like it when it is played.
  2. Press the ZERO button to rewind to the beginning of the song.
  3. Press the REC MODE button repeatedly until the red indicator is lit next to BOUNCE.
  4. At this time 11/12 should be flashing; if not, press the REC TRACK button for 11/12 so it does start flashing.
  5. Press REC, and then press PLAY. Both PLAY and REC buttons will light and recording (bouncing) begins.
  6. When the song ends, press STOP.
  7. To check that the bouncing was successful, lower all volume faders except for 11/12 and the Master.
  8. Press the ZERO button and then press PLAY. Press STOP when you're finished listening.
  9. Press the V-TRACK button and then the REC TRACK button for 11/12 (the circular button beneath the volume fader for track 11/12).
  10. Look at the screen where it says V-Track. Take note of what number it’'s on because this is what you’re going to be either burning to CD or exporting as a WAV or AIFF file to your computer. For example, if it says “"V-Track: 3"”, you’re going to burn or export "11/12-3"--this is tracks 11/12, virtual track 3.
  11. To store the new bounced recording, press and hold STOP and then press REC - "Save Current?" appears in the display.
  12. Press ENTER.

    Now you can burn a CD or track export to a computer using the bounced track from Step 13 above.